Wintertime Blues In The City (5 simple steps to hanging yourself)

Well Christmas is practically over and here I am, kinda drunk and watching TV alone. Not that the holiday totally sucked, but this is just sort how my days tend to end up recently. Holy cow, I just noticed that WordPress has a word count thingy going as I write. I’m at 55, 58…cool.

Anyway, so yeah. I was reading about suicide rates in the winter season. Surprisingly, the myth about Christmas being the time of year when most people in the US kill themselves is false. Statistically most people kill themselves in the spring and summer seasons. However, the rate of depression amongst people during the wintertime peaks. What sometimes is called “seasonal affective disorder”.

Why so sad? I’ll tell you why. I get fat on beer and loose interest in working out. It’s cold, snows and rains a lot and…wow, 152! Cool. Sorry, I get distracted easily. Anyway, yeah…seasonal affective disorder. Supposedly it’s linked to light exposure and several other factors, but I really don’t think that light has that much to do with it. I mean sure, vitamin D from sunlight is a big deal to normal human health (oh that fine line between a healthy day in the sun and total fucking insanity avoiding skin cancer!) but there are plenty of people who go around with little exposure to daylight in general through life and aren’t all down.

My idea? It’s the cold. Literally, it can sap it out of you. Like a vampire’s kiss combined with the IRA’s hold on your wallet, it’s a slow leak, but sure as death and powerful as love, the cold will take away your will to do anything other than just go through life one miserable shivering day at a time. You know it’s true.

The moral of the story? Make sure you have a good winter coat. And remember to read my stuff, haha.


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  1. music says:

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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