What, ANOTHER day?

OK so I lied about no more new writing this year.

So if you didn’t know, in the past year or so I’ve been reading alot more conventional comic books. I’ve always enjoyed comics since I was a kid, fell away from them later on, read more non-conventional titles and then webcomics, and when I discovered great shit like “Transmetropolitan” and “Nextwave: Agents of HATE” (Ellis’s Spider Jerusalem is easily one of the greatest fictional characters ever, and his take on D-list heroes in “Nextwave” was too fucking funny for words) have decided to fall into more mainstream titles, see what’s what.

Marvel, DC, tights, superheroes, etc etc…I’ve found comfort in classics like “Batman” and “Detective Comics” (both DC) and the various X-Men titles (sans Wolverine’s “Origins” series), and discovered some new titles that are great, like “Avengers: The Initiative” (the only really great title to come out of Marvel’s Civil War nonsense, the latest Blue Beatle Jaimie Reyes, and my current obsessions “Green Lantern” and “Green Lantern Corps” (the “Sinestro Corps War” storyline was absolutely fucking amazing, and Ice and Guy Gardner getting back together filled my bitter heart with glee).

It’s been an interesting couple of years for comic books these days, with big crossovers coming back in the Big Two, great writers and artists coming to the forefront like Gail Simone working on the latest “Wonder Woman” (you might know her for spearheading the movement to acknowledge the comic trend “Women In Refrigerator Syndrome”) and Scotty Young on “New X-Men” (a really good title) and more, why is it that this;

gets thrown my way?

That’s right…for those of you who haven’t followed, here it is in short;

The Marvel superhero Civil War breaks out between pro and anti-government registration heroes with Iron Man leading the “pro” side and Captain America leading the “anti” rebels. Peter Parker/Spiderman is originally “pro” and then goes “anti”. As a show of faith though early on in the War, before defecting, he publicly unveils his true identity on TV. Anyway, Cap and his forces loose, and rather than accept amnesty and register, Spidey, along with some others, goes underground. Unfortunately, forces conspire against him and his wife Mary Jane, as a sniper tries to take him down. Instead, his beloved Aunt May Parker is hit. In the hospital, she lapses into a coma from which she will probably never awaken. The woman who raised him is dying and Petey is devastated. He seeks help from everyone and anyone, but to no avail. Everyone from Iron Man (his old boss) to magician Doctor Strange, who advises him to let May die in peace. Desperate, he revives his old black costume and looks for revenge, then desperate solutions. The longtime villain, the demon Mephisto, has an offer for him.

In exchange for his love, for Peter and MJ’s love and marriage (the purest kind, according to Mephisto), the demonic lord will revive May, and rewrite reality to cover up his identity. That’s right…undoing the last 30-odd years of the title’s history. Because Peter Parker has mother issues and, in the end…


Really now. Oh, and did I mention that also thrown into the deal is the resurrection of Harry Osborne, Peter’s best friend, the son of the Green Goblin, and dead for like 10 years? Which granted is like 4 in comic-continuity years, but still…COME ON!

Marvel top-header Joe Quesada (yes, that is his name) admits to never liking the marriage, but man, what? First off, how does this even work? Spiderman is so intricately tied into some major-deal storylines, some of which require people knowing his identity. So what the fuck is going on here? Can we cease with the reality-warping? Please? It’s not like we were clamoring for more after M-Day and Decimation (long story, look ’em up on wikipedia.com).

I know that the internet is fucking crawling with commentary on “One More Day” so my two cents are worth jack-shit, but i Just had to get that off my chest.

Aunt May? At this point, better off dead. There, I said it. that’s right. The stuff that COULD have been done, the stories that could have come out of Peter Parker dealing with the loss of someone as important to him as May could have been good. Like, REALLY good.

Also, the latest few issues of Avengers: The Initait brought a cool point up. The artificially-Spidey powered Scarlet Spider team pull a huge one out of their hats; The Scarlets use artificial suits/powers to replicate Spidey’s powers and shape-changing suits that can mimic almost any clothing including all three of Spiderman’s costumes. So in their confrontation with Peter in Times Square, they present the public with the possibility that Peter’s TV confession was fake, and that the US government has in fact ALWAYS had a team of men acting as Spiderman. Peter Parker = Spidey? WHO KNOWS NOW?!?!?

Yeah, weird, I know. However, an interesting way to perhaps deal with Spiderman’s secret identity now being public knowledge.

So…in conclusion;

The recent Spiderman storyline is lame, unnecessary, and lame. The marriage of Peter and MJ as lasted in comics this long, for it to get literally undone (and to have subjected the character of Spidey to having to make the metaphorical Sophie’s Choice) now just seems dumb, a decision fueled by Taco Joe’s personal feelings, as opposed to making the story work better.

Wow…that’s long.

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