We’re wrapped up with blinders on

A few things;

Blog for Choice Day

January 22nd is Blog For Choice day, where feminist pro-choice dorks like me write about why we think women deserve the right to choose. It’s also a commemoration of Roe v Wade in 1975 (I think). So go, sign up, blog, show that you care.

It’s cold today. Like, really really cold. Weather.com has it at 19 degrees Farenheit but feeling like 4. Oh yeah, awesome. As I waited for the bus this morning to come into work, I realized that my beard felt like a chunk of fuzzy ice on my face. An awkward fuzzy iceberg. And once again I’m reminded of the idea that people have that somehow, a beard protects your face in the wintertime, like a combination ski mask and scarf (if you’re a neckbeard type, that is).

Well, it doesn’t. In fact, all a beard really does is scratch up your lady’s face when you kiss, and give you something to scratch at mercilessly when you wake up in the morning and pad around naked and grunting, stumbling through a cold kitchen for some coffee and the remnants of a muffin. Granted, they also do look good in an academic sense, but then they have to be either totally out of control or immaculate. Because any other way they just look messy.

Which I’m fine with, I spend most of my life looking messy. Even though it’s the hip thing to do now in mid-20’s melodic punk rock…look like an out-of-work art student masquerading as a lumberjack or wharf rat with a beard on your cheeks that you’ve been struggling to keep ugly ever since you bought your first Hot Water Music vinyl last year. I think it’s called “Orgcore”…you know, like Punknews.org, the news site that you’d think was a breeding ground for retarded one-armed monkeys with cataracts the way people treat its news and reviews comments sections like open internet forums for stupidity of the highest level…but I digress.

Last night major-TV talk shows came back. Well, guys like Letterman and O’Brien came back, sans writers. Which they were very clear in pointing out, Letterman through Rockette-esque dancers representing a picket line that he “crossed” in the opening schtick (sorry, never liked him and I’ve never claimed to be unbiased) and Conan in his somewhat serious opening monologue where he acknowledged that he is in full support of the strike and the writers.

Good for him. Conan, along with being the last talented and funny nighttime talk show host on broadcast TV, was also a writer for SNL, the Simpsons, and other funny shit back when it was still funny. His sympathies are clear here. Talk shows came back last night because TV execs drew a line. Go on without writers, or others have to get fired (namely support staff for shows) to cut costs.

My gods and idols Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart will be returning as well without writers, something they have been very vocally opposed to doing but were forced into. And while I love them with all my heart, there was something about Conan last night that struck me;

BAM! (click for video)

That’s right motherfuckers, Conan O’Brien grew a beard.

A mighty decent one too, while we’re at it. Letterman did it to, but we’ve already established that I never liked him, so moving on…

Is there a point here? Yes, Timmy, yes there is.

Beards don’t do anything except make you look awesome.

Oh, and if you care, my review of Four One Five Two (Red Scare) by Sundowner (Chris from The Lawrence Arms…I’ve talked about this record a million times probably) is up over at Feel The Word.


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