Diving Into Puddles

Doing a news post last night, I realized something;

Beartrap PR, who I’ve dealt with in terms of doing news and some record reviews for their artists, quote me in the info whatnot-emails dealing with one specific band. I’m doing a news post on the upcoming tour dates for this band Static Radio NJ. This is one of the press quotes;

Melodic punk rock, throat-tearing vocals and hardcore ferocity that is full of heart and guts and gets you pumped. – Late Night Wallflower

Yeah, that’s me. Pretty cool, huh?

This isn’t like the time Interpunk.com stole one of my record reviews (of Where Our Failures Are by The New Dress) to use as THEIR information on the record. Good lord, that sucked so much…such a weird couple of days. This is like, a genuine press thing. Not the first time it’s actually happened (the first time was when The Measure [SA] quoted one of my reviews of their show on their website) but it’s kinda cool. It’s another reminder that things are finally, slowly, starting to work out.

So hooray for me, I guess…

I saw Juno for the second time last night and made it home from the Bronx on the train in less than 2 hours, it was a belated winter solstice/holiday miracle. Normally at 1, 2 am it takes over 2 hours sometimes. I was pleasantly surprised.

Finished Andy Behrman’s Electroboy yesterday too, great book. Probably my favorite gift from this past holiday season. If you’re interested in a non-boring memoir with an interesting style of describing mental illness, check it out and look through Behrman’s site in general.


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I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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