Shut your pie-hole!

“While You’re Waiting” is gone. I just deleted it because I realized it’s unnecessary since I’m trying to conglomerate my internet presence or whatever. If you don’t remember what I’m talking about, it was me just posting random out-of-context snippets of whatever I’d been working on, through Blogger. Whatever…just remember to tell all your friends about me!

I’m listening to “Jesse & My Whetstone”, by Saves The Day. I’d forgotten how good this song was. I went through a whole month once of listening to this song. This is a band that was mediocre at best trying to rip off Lifetime but hit a fuckin’ peak with Stay What You Are, which I was totally rocking out to last week. I wonder if I could write a column for NYC Metal about how heavy metal this friggin’ band are. Even if the 15-year old girls love them. ESPECIALLY then…

Speaking of New York City, it’s weird…haven’t heard back from the editor dude in a while and my past two columns haven’t been put up. I don’t know what’s up with that…if I continue to hear nothing from him I’ll probably post them up here, we’ll see. I hope they go up, I’d be sad if something happened and the one time I got a gig where I was meeting deadlines for more than 2 times actually, it fell through due to shit beyond my control. We shall see…I just hope my big expose on Uggs and grindcore eventually gets done.


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