Keep On Moving

Came home last night around midnight and for some reason threw myself into finishing up my interviews with Kissy Kamikaze and Jeph Jacques. They should be going up sometime soon, at least one by next week. I’d ended up hanging out with the G-Unit at her place making the best guacamole ever. Like, one of the finer batches she’s made in a while. However, the salsa was a dissapointment. I think it’s ’cause we’re spice snobs. She surmises we’ve both destroyed nerves in our mouths and tongues. Or maybe it’s the other way around…? Either way, the salsa could’ve had more kick to it.

The 7 train’s going on a little vacation soon…I cannot wait to not live in Flushing anymore, at least having to depend on Main Street. I feel incredibly crippled, even though there’s gonna be shuttles and whatnot, weekend service from Main Street to Jackson Heights is shut down for like 2 months. And express service on weekdays is gone too. I CANNOT believe I actually, for a split second, supported the stupid fucking MTA union strike two years ago (was it two years?)…clamoring to myself and on the internet about union solidarity and worker’s rights. ‘Cause after the strike, service on the subways has just gotten progressively worse, trust me. I ride subways for a living, practically.

Buses…well buses have always sucked.

My two-parter “Makin’ It” is over at New York City Metal, so if you wanna listen to me complain and surmise about the music industry and DIY economics even though I’ve never been in a band, check it out.

I had the craziest dream last night…well OK, not THE craziest, but it involved zombies chasing me through my hipster-esque converted warehouse workplace…white-faced and drooling, craving human flesh and shuffling around moaning a la Day Of The Dead. My coworker Helen was one, for some reason…go figure. Anyway, turns out it was all just dust from a construction job going on next door, so only minimal flesh-eating and tearing asunder went down. There was more to the dream but it got dirty, and involved Shannyn Sossamon. So you just muse on that for yourself…

Next up on the reading list?

Love Is A Mix Tape by that dude from VH1, Rob Sheffield. Got it w/my B&N gift card, looks really good. More on this and more cutting-edge snuff film as it develops…it’s a busy day here at work so why the hell I decided to write is beyond me.


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I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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