Do You Still Hate Me?

It’s always weird to see my name in print. Like the people I’d always read, other people’s words in the papers the magazines the linear notes the record reviews.

Kissy Kamikaze called me their “hippie hating interviewer Costa”, which quite frankly cracked me up.

The first time it happened, The Measure [SA] quoted my review of their performance at Paint It Black & World/Inferno Friendship Society a year or so ago. It was so crazy to see my review quoted. Like I was a REAL journalist with credibility and integrity and everything. As opposed to you, you know, just some dumb bum who got lucky in between bouts of writing bad fiction no one would ever read and drinking whiskey and cheap beer.

Have I ever said thanks? I hope I did, because I owe Late Night Wallflower everything. It’s still so weird to remember that September when I got the email from Pullman asking me if I’d like to write for his website, after he’d just sort of stumbled across me on Myspace. The first time I’d ever been published. I mean, the site’s his baby and he took a chance on me, who unlike him initially had no interest whatsoever in journalism. I wrote about weird sex dreams I had and what I ate for lunch in my LiveJournal, for Christ’s sake.

Beartrap PR quotes one of my reviews in the press stuff for this band Static Radio NJ, which was also trippy to first read. Chuck from Beartrap’s been really cool as well, he was the first to get in touch with me when Interpunk ripped off my review of The New Dress.

Let’s not even get into how fucking awesome TND have been to me, a fan, about this whole thing, thanking Late Night Wallflower in the linear notes to their album. I mean, you could jokingly say we broke them, but that’s just crap because Bill and Laura are a fantastic band and awesome people. But still, to see that they appreciated what we, what I, did? I wrote about them a bunch of times, I even interviewed them. They were my second or third interview, and I was so nervous even though they were too since they’d never done one before.

Getting asked to contribute my Top 5’s and Top 10’s in Razorcake? Something not even Matt “cover story” Pullman got to do? And then the singer of the Unlovables mentioning that she “read it in Razorcake”? HOLY SHIT, HALLIE BULLIT RECOGNIZED MY NAME! If I misspelled your name, I’m sorry. I really love your band. Don’t hate me.

Don’t even get me started on getting shit in the mail FOR FREE to review, CD’s from Chuck and books from Razorcake. Holy crap, it’s like every punk nerd’s dream come true!

I really hope I don’t wake up.

And yeah, title = Jawbreaker reference. I’m listening to 24-Hour Revenge Therapy right now and wondering if I should name-drop…oh, fuck it. I met Blake in school when we had classes together (grad level at CUNY Hunter) and when I ended up interviewing the photographer Chrissy Piper, his close friend, he told me she was tickled pink someone wanted to interview her…that someone was excited about talking to me, let alone someone as talented and awesome as her…it was so surreal.

Nighty-night, mes petites snowflakes.


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One Response to Do You Still Hate Me?

  1. Ben says:

    Hey… Someone pointed out to me that you’re stating Interpunk ripped off your review of The New Dress. Can you let me know where this review is located? There aren’t any customer reviews for it on the Interpunk site, and the album description is only one sentence.

    Interpunk as a company doesn’t review anything since we prefer to remain impartial towards releases whenever possible, so it could just be a misunderstanding somewhere. If there’s something on the site that’s a direct copy of something you’ve written, then I’ll be sure that it’s removed or credit is provided.



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