Mr Roboto was a chump

OK, this is an Oerlikon GDF-005, an anti-aircraft cannon. Guess what it can do? The GDF-005 has a form of “automatic mode”, a primitive AI you could probably say that acts as a targeting/seeking computer.

Recently in South Africa, the SANDF (South African National Defense Corps) reported that one malfunction, probably due to a software error, causing the gun to explode some unused nearby artillery and then start RANDOMLY FUCKING FIRING, killing 9 soldiers and wounding 14 others.

As I was telling G-Unit yesterday, Skynet anyone?, a sci-fi blog, is reporting about an upcoming conference in Stanford CA will be about what to do with robots potentially committing war crimes. How fucking crazy is that?

Oddly enough (since I just mentioned AI) I finished Spook Country by William Gibson yesterday. Really good, not exactly the rampaging cyberpunk mile-a-minute ride of Neuromancer, but just as good if not better, once you realize at the very end what’s gone on. At once topical and simplistically timeless…at least for a post-millenial generation. Having gotten the chance to see him speak last year was so awesome.

I got this record in the mail to review for Late Night Wallflower, it’s really good. Check out Slingshot Dakota when you get a chance.


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