In A World Of Nightmares

My back is fucking killing me. It’s like I got a literal busted ass-bone…for the past few days it’s been on and off but today at work I felt utterly crippled. Like, “can’t sit down in chair without leaning on something” crippled. On the bright side though, we pulled some good numbers at work last night.


My review of Corpse Of Freedom by Lloyd and Dax Garner is up at RAZORCAKE, check it out. I might have another one up soon, I don’t know, depends if I’m showing up in the next paper issue of RAZORCAKE.


The bright side of today? Listening to Nerve Damage by Tragedy;

Bitchin’ album. Definitely harder than whatever you listen to.


Coming home from karaoke on Saturday night, I actually used the notepad function of my pen to write, I was so bored on the shuttle bus;

The lonely old man in the booth under the bright lights of the room alone but probably more content than most

Dim lights don’t do anything for me anymore, it’s just a headache another excuse for shit to intake

His acne scarred face fight in front of me and the food carts smoking still at 4am the cop lights ahead of me on the bus is this my life?


About Costa

I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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