Will We Remember To Stand Up This Time?

Thanks, New York Times, I think I’m gonna throw up. Maybe just a little bit.

Stephen Remington, a video and performance artist in New York, spent part of last summer applying, and reapplying, a string of bold Chinese characters just under his chin, like a necklace.

“That tag, when I wore it, made me feel a little more rough I guess,” Mr. Remington recalled.

It’s an article on the growing trend of fake tattoos, by the way.

I may be a pussy and a momma’s boy, but at least I sat through actually getting mine. That a guy did with a tattoo machine. Assholes…the only thing stupider are those long-sleeve t-shirts with tattoo designs on them.

You’re not fooling anyone, white boy. And YOU KNOW it’s only douchebag white guys who wear those. Don’t try to lie to yourself.

The Measure [SA] have a new song up on their Myspace.com profile, “Spanish”. Go check it out, buy some of their shit.


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