Let’s Make Something Of Ourselves

Sherri Shepherd is not only crazy, but also about as dumb as a bag of pigshit.

Newsstand find a few weeks back in the Bronx at like midnight that I feel has some interesting geek comic-related stuff I felt like writing about, since I’m lame and all;

New Warriors Volum 4, #8 (Marvel)

OK let’s get to the chase. The art…absolutely fucking terrible. Not only does every female look Asian and straight-jawed with arms like tent poles and tits like sacks of sand, but everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has a six-pack, and Jono/Ripchord (formerly the Generation-X member Chamber) looks terrible, like they literally just threw Apocalypse’s face onto a body. And yet, last year in X-Calibur, he looked fine when he (Jono) popped up having been revitalized by Nur’s nanobot-infused mutant blood.

The premise so far…pretty good, even though I realized in the shower this morning that this comic is technically “D-Level X-Men; The College Years” (barring Jubilee…oops, sorry if I ruined it for you, but yeah, Wondra of the latest incarnation of the New Warriors used to be better known as Jubliation Lee, aka Jubilee in X-Men back in the day).

The primary focus of the issue is not only the downtime the New Warriors are spending, eating and hanging out, acting as a family, but also discussing a possible public viewpoint of them (as unregistered superheroes) as terrorists. Barnell (Blackwing), formerly the X-student Beak, is somewhat dismayed at such a perception and fears for his family’s safety, and he clashes with fellow ex X-Student Vince (Skybolt), formerly Redneck over Vince’s somewhat lighthearted take on such a perception.

In the end, Miranda (Ripchord), formerly Stacy-X (a short-term X-Man back when they all dressed in stupid black leather outfits to mimic the movie) says all they can do is keep doing what they’re doing, and know that deep down they’re doing the right thing. So far, it does seem that the majority of people in the Marvel U. seem to be on their side at one point.

What I noticed as interesting in this issue is that at the same time we’re seeing a bit of the Initiative as well, particularly dissent and bickering with Justice (Vance Astrovik) and Rage ( Elvin Halliday), and comparing the new “Junior Guardsmen” (a Boy Scout-esque youth group fronted by former New Warrior and now Justice’s main squeeze, Ultra Girl (Suzy Sherman). The “JG”, mockingly compared to the Hitler Youth by Rage, are somehow meant to combat the underground support amongst young people for the New Warriors. Oh yeah, and “Brownshirts” (another Nazi reference) gets thrown in there. Also, keep in mind that Justice is a staff instructor at Camp Hammond, the superhero training camp…where Ultra Girl is a trainee. Granted a high-level one, but still…they’re keepin’ it on the DL, I hear.

Whereas the Warriors in the end toast to family and their finding a place to finally belong after a long period of uncertianty and instability for them, the Initiative is clearly the farthest thing from it, having come between friends (like Justice and Rage) and becoming almost a mockery of its original intent (which, if you read Avengers: The Initiative, is noble in theory). I can only hope that this comparison/contrast viewpost continues, ’cause it could definitely help this title.

Sci-fi blog io9.com takes a look at the best swears in science fiction…I personally think “frell” should have trumped BG’s “frak”, but whatever.

Have I babbled enough?


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