It’s not as easy as it looks

I’m really tired. Work sucked, I’ve been trying to find other gigs and the most I’ve gotten was a “Hi, would you like to work for free even though you wrote to us asking about a paying job? Maybe in like three months we’ll pay you?” Fuck that noise. I got called on the sleep deprivation today at work too while reading “Prosthetic Mnemonics and Prophylactic Politics: William Gibson among the Subjectivity Mechanisms” by Kathryne V Lindberg. She’s big on mentioning a Donna Haraway, who now I need to look up. Interesting read all in all. Sleep however, is much much better.

Went to Lit Lounge last night. Random dudes screaming in the mic at the end of the evening while The Binary Code play sans singer was fucking hilarious. Also, Don The Reader are a great band, check them out too. I’ve found myself listening to more far-spectrum stuff these days…either heavier metal/hardcore punk, and at the other end straight pop/indie stuff, or out-there music with country/folk influences…straight-up punk rock annoys me these days. But thrashing around on the subway to the likes of Burnt By The Sun or Dustin Kensrue’s country album…good times.


About Costa

I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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