Wolves On The Loose

A few things;

First off, congrats to Diablo Cody. I *heart* her so friggin’ much. I love Juno and I think that it’s so fucking deserving of all the praise it’s gotten so far, it was good to not see one of the Coens up on stage for once. ‘Cause they were like 8 times already last night or something, blase as all hell.

Second, I’m glad to report that there’s a surprise in the works, more specifics on that soon. It’ll sorta be NY-based and oriented though, and a chance to prove your love to me. Seriously, hahaha.

Third…I really need to get my hands on Leviathan by Mastadon, because I ripped Blood Mountain onto my computer this weekend and it’s NOTHING like Remission, so obviously I need to go back a step to catch the change. It’s not bad at all, I actually really dig Blood Mountain, but the vocal “stylings” are…wow, yeah, a change.

Fourth, I have a theory. It actually links depression to eating. The more stoked you are about things…the more calories you burn being happy and generally content, you know, doing stuff that you enjoyTherefore, the happier you feel, the hungrier you are because you’ve somehow burned off so much fuel you need to make it up. I say this being hungry as a dumpster-diver bike punk after this past weeked, which totally made up for almost two weeks of melancholy and general distaste with the state of things.

So yeah, get stoked, stuff your pie hole. WITH PIE!


About Costa

I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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