In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night!

Warning, comic spoilers for the upcoming issue of Green Lantern, blah blah I don’t really care, it’s all over the internet anyway…


OH SHIT! Check out the first revealed Red Lantern!


Her name’s Laira, and she’s sorta emo right now. Otherwise, general badass. For those not in the know;

The recent Sinestro Corps Wars storyarc that ran through various Green Lantern comics finally introduces us to the Prophecy of Blackest Night, in which the Green Lantern Corps will battle against other similar Corps in a “War of the Light”. Here are the predicted teams;

Green – Representatives of willpower.

Yellow – Representatives of fear (The Sinestro Corps, currently in hiding).

Blue – Hope (Founded by the renegade Guardians Ganthet and Sayd, longtime allies of Earth’s GL’s).

Red – Rage and anger, with what appears to be a connection to the mysterious and Alan Moore-created Empire Of Tears.

Orange– Rumored to actually be a single individual representing avarice (greed) and backed by the evil Controllers.

Purple/Violet – Representatives of love (actually connected to the long-running Green Lantern foe Star Sapphire, a villainess that ONLY moderately reflects a misogynistic flair by the creators).

Indigo– Faith (the hippies who don’t even have rings, just Lantern Staffs).

And of course the big even MORE mysterious one;

BLACK, representing death, with a connection to the fallen galactic villain the Anti-Monitor. Hey, I just read and enjoy ’em. I don’t really want this to become a synopsis for the last 10 years of Green Lantern despite my love of the characters, so look it up if you’re truly interested. I just felt like sharing.


In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight

Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power


RIGHT, hold on…I knew there was a reason I was on here talking about comics.

If you get a chance, head on over to Occasional Superheroine and have a read, she’s good stuff. Lots of industry commentary, good clean feminism, and me discovering that the Batwoman series was cancelled and that the dudes doing it FOUND OUT READING ABOUT IT IN THE PAPER. As opposed to oh, I don’t know, getting called and told themselves.


You might have heard of Batwoman from “teh TV’s” and papers when the news of her, a LESBIAN (run and tremble in fear of the sapphic menace!) hitting newstands broke about a year or so ago.

So yeah…good times at DC.

DON’T FORGET…next Thursday the 13th, Bluestockings NYC…good times. Check it.


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