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I’m listening to the new Polar Bear Club record Sometimes Things Just Dissapear, and I’m going to throw up it’s so utterly fantastic. Seriously. Streaming now at, and available from Red Leader Records tomorrow. Wow. To narrow it down, think Hot Water Music meets Lifetime meets Texas Is The Reason meets fucking awesome. So brilliant lyrically, so funny, just…totally great.

If upstate New York has produced nothing else, then it’d be totally worth it because I love this band. The first time I saw them with Latterman and No Trigger, I didn’t even catch their name but they totally blew me away, in front of a crowd of like, 12. I have a lot of great memories of that night a few years ago, but that one moment of Jimmy screaming “WHOA-OH-WHOA!” still sends goosebumps up my arms.

They rarely tour but I did manage to see them a second time, which was even better than the first time, with the pileup at the front almost reaching the low ceiling of the Knitting Factory’s basement. I think I’d been hanging out with Bill and Laura from The New Dress that night, or interviewing them, I don’t remember if that’s the same show. The New Dress were on the bill when I first saw PBC (also the first time I heard TND), when I interviewed them, AND at the second PBC show I saw, so I’m a little confused.

I got a chance to talk to Chris from PBC for Late Night Wallflower, he was a funny guy, really smart and honest as I asked stupid questions about the scenes in upstate NY, law school, hardcore, etc. It was over the phone at a friend’s house with my recording device up to my cell phone while my best friend watched like, Ugly Betty in the next room I think. One of the funnier/funner moments in my brief and what will probably a forgettable career in indie music journalism.

So yeah…if you want faith in punk and hardcore again, get into this band. How they aren’t already in your record collection/iPod/whatever/musical radar already, I don’t know. But they should be.


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