It’s hard to know where people go

Random, sorta like this which I found thanks to the magic of Google;


I might be showing up on paper by June, reviewing books for someone, not entirely sure. We shall see if it’s legit or I end up with a stolen identity forced to pull the pieces of my credit history back together shard by shard. HERE’S HOPING! I can’t remember the name of the journal or publishing company they’re related to right now, but I remember Googling them before at one point so that’s cool.

I’ve been tired a lot. Stupid shit sleep patterns. Yeah, you care. Also, I’m craving more tattoos again.

Interview with Jesse from The Binary Code soon, just because. He’s playing with Sirens on Monday @ Lit Lounge.

RAZORCAKE might be graced with my presence sometime soon, we shall see whenever they put up a column of mine that I sent Todd Taylor last week or so. It’s on bitchin’ philosophical stuff. ‘Cause I am a bitchin’ philosophical kind of guy. By the way, I think that the “k” key on my laptop is busted, or at least flaking out on me sometimes.


I am hypnotizing you with my delectables…


About Costa

I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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  1. Staberind says:

    Glad you like the pic…

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