And now, a pause in the film for a brief respite…

I’m 87 away from 1,000 views here at Fistfight.

Mega-mail bonanza from Razorcake and Beartrap is actually looking more and more fun to tackle as the past few days have worn on actually, despite the fact that I swore I’d be putting off some freelance stuff to do thesis work these days. I think I can actually manage to work on everything to a certain degree. It might take some time and shit I don’t like will definitely be at the bottom of the list of stuff to do, but whatever, c’est la vie.

I’m such a fucking poser hipster…I don’t have a record player but have gotten these to review, I manage thanks to inserted promo CD’s and or whatever it’s called as afterthought attachments. And yet, they’re pretty. The Papermoons one I’ve had for a little while, the Title Fight one is newer. So, here’s to vinyl as art on my shelves, not in my record collection!

Don’t worry vinyl nerds, keep it in your pants. I don’t keep the actual record out of the sleeve, I just felt like documenting everything for convenience’s sake. God, get a life.

I’ve caught up on sleep too, sort of. Well, I don’t feel like absolute shit anymore, we’ll see how long this lasts. For those who don’t know, I work all day at a cubicle job, doing anything from making signs to managing students to fixing the copy machine to running errands to running events. Then, if I don’t manage to do any of it in my spare time at work, I come home (If I’m not out, which is not exactly that often), eat dinner, and either watch TV or listen to music I do more work, usually schoolwork (my MA thesis, which I was originally 6 months behind on anyway), or freelance stuff. So I spend a good portion of the day in front of the computer and awake, reading, working, and writing. The rest? On subways and buses. No car for this champion, travel time is synonymous with work time for me! The proliferation of stuff that needs to get done for my editing gig for “Ology” has only added to my workload as well, including Saturday morning phone “conference” calls and runs from work uptown to Hunter for other meetings and to drop off edited materials.

I’m just bitching really…but yeah, that’s mostly why I don’t sleep enough.

The payout though? I have a 2 and a half-page CV, have met some incredibly talented people who have liked me and my work, contributed to some really worthwhile projects that I feel are one of a kind, interviewed artists I’ve loved, and actually can say I got into a show once with “I’m on the list”. I’ve read stupid stories in front of a crowd and they laughed at my jokes, and gotten people asking me, as opposed to me begging them, to “be able to do something together”. Granted I haven’t gotten paid a fucking dime for any of it yet, but I’m just a dumb naive punk kid from Queens who knows it’ll happen one day.

Sorry, that was pointless and somewhat LJ-esque and existential on an unnecessary level. Anyway, yeah…


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I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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