One Of Them

So there’s this thing called Secret Invasion coming out soon, courtesy of Marvel.


The backstory? The alien shapeshifters known as the Skrulls, longtime enemies of Earth, are among us. Somehow managing to avoid detection even by telepathy, enhanced mutant sense, and the most advanced technology on Earth, they have infitrated Earth, following a mysterious command to make our planet their new homeworld. They have actually specifically targeted and replaced members of the superhero community for who knows how long, and it’s believed that they may in fact have been the catalysts for a variety of going-ons in the Marvel Universe. Already revealed as an infiltrator Skrull are Electra and Black Bolt.

Who do you trust?

Newsarama’s got a report that has the first 10 pages of Secret Invasion 1 up online to preview. Technically it’s 8 pages, the cover, and intro page with a mysterious quote, but whatever.

I initially thought this looked stupid as hell. A way for the Marvel editors to be able to “fix” anything they don’t like about current characters and storylines by basically blaming it on the Skrulls or Skrull replacements, leaving the characters they’ve replaced for who knows how long as a near-tabula rasa. Which shit like One More Day has shown Marvel is willing to do in desperate attempts to get attention, and almost always turns out bad. It’s got the dumbest fucking promotional campaign with overdone and over-saturated releases by various artists of Marvel characters with Skrull traits (the Skrulls, descendend from reptiles, have green skin, raised ears, and corrugated chins, a trademark visual) not to mention that stupid “can’t trust anyone!” viral video that I saw once.

The really good Marvel titles these days that I’ve enjoyed all have almost no connection to the so-called “larger” going-ons of the buildup to Secret Invasion, like the latest issues of Captain America (shut the fuck up, I like Bucky as the new Cap) and Marvel’s space stuff like Nova.

But now, I have to admit…reading the preview has me excited. Almost as excited as I about for more Green Lantern and Blue Beetle goodness. I don’t know why, and I don’t know how Marvel just fucking did it, but Allah help me, I am. It seems to me that despite what people will say about Bendis’s writing or the artwork (which I like) or the almost obvious political/social contexts (something that arguably every comic in some form has) I think it’ll be fun. It’ll be fun, it’ll “shake stuff up” (hopefully not too bad) and it will have superhero fights against aliens who can mimic your appearance and powers and WANT YOUR HOMES AND YOUR LIVES MUAHAHAHAHA!

I really really hope I’m not wrong in this newfound declaration of confidence in Marvel, because if I am, I’m going to fucking kill someone.

I just hope the spacefaring stuff wraps up so that the Super-Skrull, Kl’rt, can show up. He’s sorta badass, if you managed to follow him in the Annihilation stuff. He has the typical Skrull shapeshifting powers, as well as hypnotic abilities. His real strength is his power to mimic the abilities of the Fantastic Four, and use them at once. Stretching, fire powers, invisibility and force fields, and a rock-covered armor form with super-strength.


Anyway, yeah…I digress. Nerd stuff, sorry. Comics, huh? DAMMIT MARVEL FOR GETTING ME INTERESTED IN YOUR SHIT!


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