Prodigal Sons

While I’m on a dumb comic mindset today…man, remember Nightwing‘s original costume?


Wow. How lame is THAT? While I do like that Dick Grayson doesn’t look uber-buff since he’s only supposed to be about 17 here, still, this is one of the worst superhero costumes ever, in the history of superhero comics.

The next incarnation was a bit better, though you can’t really see the gigantic mullet-ponytail he was rocking at the time. A little more streamlined, a little less exposed chest with no freakin’ disco collar, and no odd light blue-rimmed diamond on his abdomen.


Third time however, is the charm.


Not unnecessarily dark even though it’s described as having light-absorbing properties as to literally get darker when exposed to light (some sort of camo technique), with a unique marking/standout icon (the chest and arms), a unique take on the Batman family utility belt (his gauntlets and boots contain utility cartridges instead), no cape (a feature that’s really hit or miss in general to be honest), so yeah, this gets my vote as one of the best costumes in a superhero comic.

Now, as to my feelings on Nightwing as a hero, while a positive one, is another story altogether. I really do think his story and that of his relationship with Batman is a really awesome one that could be analyzed and discussed for hours.



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