No, not the Hulk Hogan action show with the boat…

There’s this movie coming out…called Tropic Thunder. The best way I can describe it is as a commentary on the career of Eddie Murphy.

To highlight, the movie’s about three movie stars and one rapper who wants to be a serious actor, ending up filming a Vietnam war film. Since they’re all moron primadonnas, the writer and director apparently conspire to just drop them off in the middle of a real civil war in Southeast Asia to get rid of them…or something like that. Anyway, what’s important is how the cast reflect on Eddie Murphy’s lengthy career and legacy as an entertainer.

Ben Stiller plays an action star-type (ever see Metro, also starring Michael Rapaport? Good movie, Michael plays a sniper). Jack Black plays a comedian known for playing multiple roles in a single movie, usually under makeup (oh shit, it’s that fucking Nutty Professor movie!) Robert Downey Jr. is the foreign (Australian) “real” actor, Academy Award winner, blah blah who ends up IN BLACKFACE acting in the movie. I really hope you didn’t end up seeing Murphy as a Chinese man in Norbit, though he was white in Coming To America, I think. Right? Oh, and of course, lest we forget Eddie Murphy’s most notable endeavor besides sodomizing cars with bananas, there’s Brandon T. Jackson playing a 50-Cent/Ice Cube sorta rapper who wants to transition into acting (“My girl wants to party all the tiiiiiiime…”).

Am I the only one who saw this and then formulated the whole thing out while in the shower one morning?


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One Response to No, not the Hulk Hogan action show with the boat…

  1. Hulk Hogan Grill says:

    Tropic Thunder was a hilarious video!

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