Oh the places you’ll go

Where do we begin?

I came across this lovely on the subway this morning;

An interesting ad. Manhattan Mini Storage is also known for their generally funny ads on subways and billboards around New York City, though they got in trouble over their ad that said something to the effect of “CLOSET SPACE SINKING FASTER THAN HER RIGHT TO CHOOSE” with a picture of a coat hanger attached to it.

Pretty brilliant I think, though it got a lot of panties in a knot.

This one is interesting as well though it lacks the non-subtle punch of the first one. Also, this ad reminds you that you can donate part of your payment when using MMS to one of up to 5 charities, which are implied to be pro-choice.

Sweet, n’est pas?

I really don’t know why but I’ve been obsessing over Echo recently;

She was a Daredevil character originally and now appears in New Avengers, having resurfaced right before the superhero Marvel Civil War. What’s so awesome about her? Well, besides the white handprint she wears on her face (paint) that’s her signature look? Let me explain.

First off, one of the primary points used by Daredevil fans of how great the character is is that he’s disabled (blind), but still manages to fly through the air with the greatest of ease and kick ninja and gangster ass. Let me tell you, when the rest of your senses are heightened that you can hear a heartbeat through soundproof walls and you can read regular print despite being blind because you can feel the raised ink letters on paper, NOT TO MENTION your mysterious “radar sense” that’s essentially an advanced form of echolocation, you more than make up for not being able to see. Sorry, guys. And while I’m not knockin’ Matt Murdock, still;

Echo (Maya Lopez, the Hispanic Native American daughter of a former gangster associate of Daredevil villain the Kingpin), is deaf. A master lip-reader, but still deaf. But despite this, she makes up for it in interesting ways. Like I said, she can read lips to the point that she appears to hear your every word (though obviously she is reliant on visual cues and if say, you have a mask/helmet on that obscures your mouth your relationship with her is sorta fucked). Also, she has photographic reflexes.

What exactly are photographic reflexes? Ever hear of this nerd, the Taskmaster? Similar deal. She has the ability to memorize and learn the phsyical skills of whatever she sees, to the extent that her body can handle it. She has the agility of Daredevil (gained from watching videos of him fighting), the accuracy of DD villain Bullseye (same method), as well as now having picked up skills like her New Avengers teammates’ Wolverine, Clint Barton’s, and Iron Fist’s fighting skills (Clint, formerly Hawkeye the archer, is the current Ronin). She and Clint…totally doing it nowadays. Which is cool, mostly because I like both characters and think Clint as Ronin is better than Clint as Captain America (don’t ask) or him in those purple outfits he wore as Hawkeye. She also has picked up the piano-playing abilities of a musical prodigy and the dance skills of various dancers. For a while when in comic limbo, she was purported to have been operating as a performance artist.

Also cool about her? She originally operated as Ronin for a while, wearing the completely body- (and thus, GENDER) obscuring suit of samuria/ninja-inspired armor. She was recommended (as Ronin) by DD to join the New Avengers, and no one knew it was her for a while. Indeed, many actually thought it was Daredevil inside the Ronin armor.

That’s her as Ronin fighting Elektra. Did I mention Echo and Daredevil had a thing once? Sorta like how Matt and Elektra…hmmm, never mind.


I mean yeah, THAT Elektra ends up being a Skrull, but a Skrull who nonetheless had been passing as the so-called fanboy wet dream assassin/former love interest of Daredevil for a while now, with enough martial prowess of her own to fool most.

So yeah, since I suck at writing endings, let’s just all bask in the awesomeness of a mysterious, disabled minority female superhero who TOTALLY KICKS ASS AND CAN COPY YOUR SHIT IN AN INSTANT!


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  1. Anarchy says:

    DOPE, first time on this blog but actually a good post to start with I guess.

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