We’re all casualties

That goddamn Set Your Goals record, Mutiny!, is in constant rotation these days. It’s ridiculous, especially considering how I got my hands on it at the same time as the latest Paint It Black record which, I’m sorry to say, is kind of a dissapointment. I really wish they’d have stuck with J Robbins on the knobs for New Lexicon because Paradise is such a fantastic record. I admire PIB for going out on a limb and experimenting but I really don’t think it works, and I’m sad. I love Paint It Black, but this just doesn’t do it for me. However, Mutiny! does. Weird. “Echoes” is a brilliant song.

Latest issues of Nova and Annihilation: Conquest? Awesome. I’m also liking Justice Society of America, though Liberty Belle and Hourman need to stop making out in public all the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a sex tape. OK, I’m musing on the sex life of two superheroes from a comic book, I’ll stop now.

I had this whole long thing planned out in my head about DMZ Volume 4: Friendly Fire and how goddamn incredible a writer Brian Wood is, but unfortunately I forgot it all. That’s what I get for listening to Jena Berlin on the way to work instead of writing it all down when it came to me.

What if it’s just…a bad thing that happened? What if there are no conspiracies, just confused people and bad people acting alone, while everyone tries to survive the best way they know how and in the end, when you’ve finally decided to stand up for something bigger than yourself you end up hit in the face for your troubles and reminded that the harsh reality of life is so fucking far from black and white, that no one has the right answer anymore.

i’m not saying that everything is in shades of gray, because it’s not. I am a firm believer that there is absolute evil in this world, that there really are people out of the books and the movies with no morals, no compulsions against doing things that hurt others simply so that they can feel good about themselves.

But sometimes there are no bad guys we can punish, and the punishments we mete out on people, either directly or indirectly, are strictly about making outselves feel better. Because we cannot accept that bad things happen and sometimes, people are just fucked.

Oh hey, look…I did sorta remember it.

I Am The Avalanche at the Point tonight.


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