“Margarin Walker” just doesn’t cut it

Woohoo! Rival Schools! Cancer Bats! Tubes! Granted the Rival Schools thing is only relevant if you live in Europe, but whatever.


Courtesy of Gawker.com‘s genius.

I got a fat bundle in the mail yesterday from Beartrap PR, more good good stuff. Despite a self-imposed hiatus from the level of review work I was doing before, I’ve managed a little for Feel The Word, and some of this stuff looks interesting so it’ll go to Late Night Wallflower. I have to say the most pleasant surprise was getting the “Year of the Rabbit” 7-inch from Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate). Not only did they also include a CD-R with the vinyl, but the CD-R, besides having the two songs from “Year Of The Rabbit”, also has a bunch of other songs thrown on it to make it worth something. Always appreciated. Now, even if I don’t necessary go “OMG SO AWESOME” over these guys, that they did that makes ’em OK in my book, whatever that’s worth. And yes, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) is the full band name, from what I can tell. I know, I know…

Mark’s departure on Top Chef last night? FUCKING BULLSHIT, MAN. FUCK YOU, TOM, FUCK YOU IN THE FACE! He totally didn’t deserve that.


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I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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One Response to “Margarin Walker” just doesn’t cut it

  1. will says:

    Thanks Costa! Blog looks cool!

    – Will from Beartrap

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