Men Of Iron

I don’t know where this is from, I think Ex Machina, but doesn’t matter. It’s just funny.


IRON MAN. Holy shit. So good. SO FUCKING GOOD. Everyone was spot-on, the armor, the acting, the effects, the references to the Mandarin and War Machine, the super-awesome super-secret scene you need to wait until after the credits to see…all of it. Go see it, even if you’re not really a comic book movie type. It’s so good, I might go see it a second time. And get it on DVD.

Superhero/comic movies are OK, sometimes they’re really good, and sometimes just OK. Particularly post-Spiderman and X-Men. I’m in a minority that loved the Hellboy film and am looking forward to the sequel, I think the Blade trilogy and the X-Men films are solid, I’ll watch almost anything Batman related, and the Spiderman films are OK. Fantastic Four? Sorta lame. It’s a difficult medium to translate to screen because you either end up looking stupid with literal translations of fantasy on-screen, or you make changes and sacrifices in order to make it work as a film and you end up with the fanboys (and it’s almost always boys) screaming bloody basement-dwelling virgin murder.

But this? Easily one of my favorite movies of 2008. And not just in the comic book/hero genre, but in general. Faithful to the source material, no sacrifices to make “the story work” or whatever, I was THISCLOSE to jumping for joy in the theater. Favreau’s a great director…fuck, I can’t really stop talking about how much i liked this movie. I thought it was funny (the scene in the plane between Stark and Rhodes was great) and Paltrow as Pepper Potts was great too, with some great smarmy moments…ok, I’m gonna stop now.

IRON MAN 2, summer 2010. Here’s hopin’.


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