You said it, kid

Various tidbits;

Top Chef last night…awesome. I miss “Restaurant Wars” but “Wedding Wars” kicked ass too. The relay was good this year too, literally neck-n-neck. Also, good to see someone who deserved it actually get kicked off.

I like Dale, I do, but he needs to not be such a bitch about stuff. Next on the chopping block hopefully…SPIKE. Fuck that dick.

THIS was my surprise gift from Cassie J. Sneider;

“Tour ’88”, a photocopied, unstapled, hand-drawn and hand-written ‘zine. It’s fantastic. There’s no way in hell it can all be true, it’s too fantastical. And yet, I suspect it all is. All I can say is that it’s hella fucking gangsta.

Young Hearts. For free, online. Thrasharific. Stoked that this band is being more active, they’re going on tour soon I think…the singer/bassist is in Dear Tonight and they’re breaking up (emo sadface here). Oh well.

Narrows. Ex-Botch, Unbroken, Some Girls, and more. Fucking awesome shit. Fits today’s mood more or less. Well, I was listening to Botch all morning for some reason. I don’t know why. I mean, they were a great band, but I guess I was in the mood for face-destruction this morning. FULL FUCKING STEAM AHEAD, MAN THE GUNS AND PREPARE TO SLAY…


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