I had this whole thing planned out about the abstract dynamics of my emotional attachments to songs and to certain records, but I forgot it. It had something to do with the fact that I’ve been re-reading Chrissy Piper‘s “Three Records” zine since yesterday.

I talked to Chrissy for Late Night Wallflower at one point, it was really fun. Well, as fun as it gets playing email tag over her filling out the interview questionnaire because she was super-busy, while a mutual acquaintance that I had class with sorta occasionally conveyed messages between us as well. In the end though it turned out pretty good. She’s super-fucking rad and takes such awesome pictures.

Anyway…”Three Records” was a zine where she got a bunch of her friends to submit 3 records that they loved, and that had special meaning for them. Some people (from members of Tragedy, Aesop Rock, Dan Yemin of Lifetime/Kid Dymamite/Paint It Black, and more) just gave a simple 3-line list. Others, however, go on to describe why they mean so much to them. It’s a great little zine, one of my favorites, I hope she gets around to doing #2.

Reading it, I pick up a few things. One…everyone loves Fugazi, Minor Threat, Black Flag, and Born Against. Everyone. Which is good. Two…it makes me think about what would I put down? How could I explain what I felt the exact moment a particular record touched me in that way, enough to inspire my whole life? I mean, music in general has, but to pinpoint it like that? That’s why I hate the “what’s your favorite band/record?” question because to me, it’s incredibly layered. But the question, when posed in “Three Records”, isn’t about absolutes, but highlights, and what they mean and meant at the time you first heard them.


Totally rockin’ my socks off. As it should yours.


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