Right where I always wanted to be…

Top Chef? What the hell guys, why are the good guys all getting sent home? Why the hell are Lisa and Spike still there but Andrew, Mark, and Dale gone? Seriously, all the bizarre risk-takers and solid chefs who should win are gone because they occasionally mess up, but the sub-par and just shitty chefs are still there?

Seriously, Lisa? What the hell-ass is she still doing in the game?

I’m bored and going through my Flickr account, so here’s some stuff underneath the cut.

My “to-do” list at work one day;

Kissy Kamikaze @ FLC

No, it wasn’t working, just some garbage…

Outside of work one day;

Some band’s trailer I saw one day while running errands, again at work.

Near Main Street;

Bill from The New Dress @ The Knitting Factory


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