Flight of the dodo

So I don’t know if you know this, but American Airlines recently started this thing where you get charged $15.00 a bag for checking baggage at the check-in counter.

I know, fucked up, right? They’ve been getting a lot of shit for it, and quite frankly, I don’t blame the the way of Americanteeming masses for screaming for blood. After all, airlines charge you up the ass, free amenities have gone Bandstand, and you’re lucky if your flight is only delayed an hour. Never mind loosing your luggage or ending up trapped on the runway for two days or something like that.

However, Gawker’s got some interesting commentary on the whole situation which points out an unfortunate fact; it’s either fees like this or charge you more for tickets. Which everyone knows will not work.

The facts are simple. Oil for fuel costs money. Oil is expensive as shit nowadays. The economy today is not the economy of a decade ago, the airlines are sorta fucked. Bad. There’s almost no way for them to get out of the holes they’ve dug for themselves without charging for something. And it’s bad enough that people don’t fly as much these days as they used to because of all the shit they see and don’t want to deal with (HELLO AmTrak!), but the fact is is that people will always fly, the airlines will always have to be around, the US government can’t bail them out like it’s done before, so stuff will have to cost more. It’s a simple fact.

You don’t want it to cost so fucking much to fly? Try investing in alternate energy sources like ethanol or solar power or electrochemical ceramic engines for cars, so that fuel used to power all the shitty gas-guzzler vans and SUVs and penile-compensating sports cars and luxury asshat rockets with wheels can instead go toward stuff like airplanes (among other things).

And I’m not totally sucking up to any airlines or whatever…I fucking hate flying. I hate reading Consumerist and getting creeped out at how shitty some people at airlines and airports are at their jobs, how they’re allowed to even survive past puberty much less be given jobs of relatively major importance (in an industry where you’d think fucking up like that wouldn’t get you promoted constantly)…I’m just sick of reading about people not taking anything into consideration when it comes to luxury amenities. “Oh lordy, how will I live without my seasonal trip to Cabo St. Lucas AND my yearly car upgrade this year?”

Go jump off a bridge and do me a favor, shitdick.


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