Album Tales – “From Here To Infirmiry”

I got this album in 2001. I remember because I’d never heard Alkaline Trio before, and just picked it up on a recommendation. Yeah, people still do that sometimes.

Anyway, 2001 was the year I started college. I had a Tuesday class, “Introduction To Philosophy” I think. It was at 10 am, so I’d try to get to school by 930 am so I could grab coffee and do some reading before it started. it was a big class, maybe 300 people. Anyway, one day that I had class was Tuesday, the 11th of September, 2001. I don’t know if you watch the news, but there was an airial mishap that day, some buildings of sort fell over downtown in Manhattan. People ran, they screamed and cried, I ate a bunch of Snickers bars for lunch. I really like Snickers.

The very next day I went to school. My mother told me not be a wussy, so I got on the subway and headed to Manhattan for whatever else I had that day, some Polysci course and English I think. I’d grabbed a bunch of CD’s to listen to during the day, because my tape player was on the fritz and this was pre-mp3 player. I had a Discman. Remember those? From Here To Infirmiry was one of them, so I slipped it in. I don’t know if you know how the first song on that record, “Private Eye”, goes;

I dragged this lake looking for corpses
Dusted for prints, pried up the floorboards
Pieces of planes and black box recorders

Don’t lie, don’t lie
And I’ve been preoccupied with these sick, sick senses
That sense DNA on barbed wire fences
Maybe someday I’ll find me a suspect
That has no alibi

Pretty awesome, right? It was about a minute into the song before I realized what was so funny, but I laughed. It was so oddly absurd I couldn’t help it. Everyone else was so fucking sad and down on themselves, burying faces and emotions behind their papers and inside their shells or whatever and here I was, going to school the day after a national disaster listening to this hilariously inappropriate song by this dorky punk rock band who’se obsession with the Misfits, Pegboy, and pentagrams would later grow to ridiculous proportions.

To this day, this album reminds me of that moment and that year. I listened to it a lot more often after that day, and for good reason. It’s got some great songs on there, with solid songwriting from both Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano. Also, it’s the album I was listening to when I realized it was OK to make jokes about dead bodies.


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I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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