The crisis will be a letdown regardless

Just a few things.

Last night’s Top Chef? A travesty and a half. Granted last week’s was like getting kicked in the nuts while being forced to watch a dingo eat a baby, but for Lisa to still be there? I’m sorry…she just comes across as a sub-par cook and a fucking meanie. Unfriendly and probably eats babies with the best of them dingos, I bet. I’m glad Stephanie is going to Puerto Rico though, she’s a great solid chef. As is Antonia, and when he wanted it to, Spike. Shit, even Richard stepped up his game throughout this season to show, from annoying-ass sci-fi cook to a real great chef. Lisa though? OK at best and some of the shit that’s popped into her head like that peanut-butter mash last night…I’m sorry, that sounds like it tastes like shit.

OK, moving on.

From Science Daily (dot) com and io9 (dot) com;

Iron that is made up of nanoscale crystals is far stronger and harder than its traditional counterpart, but the benefits of this “nano-iron” have been limited by the fact that its nanocrystalline structure breaks down at relatively modest temperatures. But the NC State researchers have developed an iron-zirconium alloy that retains its nanocrystalline structures at temperatures above 1,300 degrees Celsius — approaching the melting point of iron.

Kris Darling, a Ph.D. student at NC State who led the project to develop the material, explains that the alloy’s ability to retain its nanocrystalline structure under high temperatures will allow for the material to be developed in bulk, because conventional methods of materials manufacture rely on heat and pressure.

Sorry, this just seems really cool and appeals to the geek in me.

So I got turned on to this Austrian hardcore band called Astpai last month. Really good stuff. Check them out.


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