I can’t sleep tonight…

MoCCA this weekend. Jeph Jacques, Bill Plimpton, Brian Wood, WEEEE! It’s gonna be bitchin’, I might try to be a nerd and get Wood to sign my copy of my DMZ volume 1 trade, because quite frankly I love DMZ and it’d be kinda bitchin’ to actually do that for once in my life. “Dude, do you mind signing the inner cover of this?” Also, I realized in the shower yesterday that I’ve interviewed Jeph for Late Night Wallflower a while or so back. Which to be honest, was awesome, probably one of my favorite interviews ever, even though it was via email. Probably up there with the Cristy C. Road one, which was sorta hilarious, and the New Dress one, which was like my 2nd interview ever.

Top Chef last night; My girlfriend has decided she will track down Lisa and curbstomp that shit if she wins. Also, we’ll be boycotting. Seriously, why wasn’t she sent home? Like, on the 3rd episode? Just a surly mediocre…I can’t even. Next Wednesday night is gonna be epic. Richard and Stephanie giving her this surly “you know you don’t deserve to be here look” was awesome, and definitely elevated Rich in my eyes at least. Seriously though, I will give this show up if she fucking wins. The conspiracy theory of producer pressure to keep her in the running to boost the odds of a female finish for the show is utter crap, the ladies of Top Chef this season (ESPECIALLY Stephanie and Antonia) were so top-fucking-notch this season it was pretty much a guarantee of a female majority from about halfway through the season, at least to me. NO need at all to pull productorial weight against the judges at all for that. And Lisa’s not even remotely talented enough to be the Hung or Marcel of this season…at least they knew how to cook rice.

– I got to work an hour late today because…I WENT TO THE BARBER. If you’ve seen me around in person since this past Semptember (which is the last time I got a haircut, I think) then you know that until a few hours ago I had almost shoulder-length hair. It was weird, I haven’t had hair like that since I was 2 and my hair was still long and curly and I look a bit like a little girl in overalls with a fistfull of Oreo’s. But yeah, I got a haircut, someone told me when I walked in that I looked “almost human!”. Good times. Tessa has pictures of me with a fucking topknot from a few days ago, gonna compare that shit with something new, it’ll be crazy.


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One Response to I can’t sleep tonight…

  1. alifeinthemovies says:

    Ahem…PONYTAIL…not topknot 🙂

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