So Tessa and I went to MoCCA this past Saturday for the MoCCA Art Festival 2008, featuring a variety of comic bookartists andwhatnot, including Bill Plympton, Brian Wood, Friends Of Lulu, and more. By the way, remember it was about 95 degrees on Saturday, so shit’s balls-hot. The day before we went to see The Strangers, so it was gonna be a great weekend all-round. Please ignore any references regarding me and this movie and me hiding.

Bill Plympton got an award from the Museum and, to the delight of everyone including the girlfriend, premiered a brand-new animated short for us, “Hot Dog”. It was pretty sweet, to be honest. Afterword, Brian freakin’ Wood was there as part of a panel, which was sweet. “Hot Dog” is a continuation of Plympton’s Academy-Award winning “Dog” series, so it was really cool to actually get a chance to see it pretty much before anyone else.

Later on at the convention-part at another building a few blocks away, we got to meet him. Tessa got a sketch…she’s sorta a dork about him.

Oh hey, did I mention we also got to meet Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content? Sweet, I know. It was hard to contain myself, especially since he claimed to remember me interviewing him, which was really really awesome (as I was so nervous buying some buttons my hands shook). Also, I met Brian Wood at his table later on and got some stuff. He signed my volume 1 DMZ trade paperback.

At one random point walking around the second floor of the convention, which had almost NO AIR, we stumbled across Allan Norico’s table and his hilarious comic Things I’ve Seen At Shows. We bullshitted with him about punk rock for a bit, got a comic and the free mix CD that came with it, and continued on.

He signed my copy.

Anyway, we eventually got out of there and managed to not to pass out from the heat walking to the subway. Later on, basking in the cool love of the air conditioning, the two of us reflected upon our nerdiness and comic spoils. It was, as I like to say, pretty freakin’ sweet.

Oh, and on a side note, when I eventually got home, around midnight, it was still about 80 degrees out.


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