Under Investigation

A couple of things;

Top Chef. FUCK YES. HOLY SHIT THANK YOU JESUS, ALLAH, BUDDHA, AND L. RON HUBBARD. Stephanie won, Richard cried a bit at losing but was a champ to the end, and Lisa was…well, she was the unlikeable personality she is. I told myself I woudln’t watch anymore if she won but to be honest, I don’t know I’ll watch the next season regardless. It’s just…I hate to say “too commercial” but knowing how much the producers obviously interceded this season it just isn’t the same as before. Regardless though, CONGRATS STEPH!

– In some more upbeat news…“The Worst” is gonna be available from Microcosm Publishing! A radical publishing company that helps distribute various books and zines that you normally wouldn’t find in Borders, they’ll be helping distributing “The Worst” so if you wanna get your hands on it, check it out. I’m super-stoked about this, I love this project if you haven’t already figured it out. That a publishing company that I’ve heard of (and maybe reviewed a few things for) is doing this, a really cool one, just feels great. It’s a step towards my goals and a real validation. Writing’s just a crazy a game to try to establish yourself in, it can grind you down to nothing. Little things like this though…this is tits.

– The last Dear Tonight show EVER is this weekend, with Scream Hello and The New Dress and Nakatomi Plaza and some other band who’se name I cannot recall right now. It’s at Lost & Found in Brooklyn, and I’m excited. It’s a great-sounding lineup, I can’t wait.


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I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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One Response to Under Investigation

  1. grezakster says:

    I was rooting for Richard (as I hear a few feminists groan) but he did “choke.” I’m extremely happy Stephanie won over Lisa since Stephanie never offended/annoyed me during the course of the show

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