A thousand sheets of filo dough

Because I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and I’m killing a bit of time before doing some serious work, I thought I’d do this.

Check out various friends of mine online…send some e-traffic their way and spread the internet joy. This isn’t all of them obviously, check my blogroll friends as well and always keep an eye thrown this way for various stuff.

The Bronx Underground – DIY all-ages shows in NY’s Bronx borough…good peeps.

Spill.com – Cool movie news, reviews, commentary, all-around good stuff.

A Life In the Movies – The best writer at Spill doing more movie reviews on the side…who happens to be my girlfriend…haha

Elle Perez – Kick-ass photographer…also does We Never Sleep, documenting shows at the Bronx Underground.

Late Night Wallflower– Come on, you still don’t read Matt P, me, and others reporting on all your favorite bands? God, you suck.

Feel The Word Magazine– Kick it!

The Worst – One of the most important projects I’ve ever contributed to, this ‘zine deals with looking at radical alternatives to mourning as well as stories about grief, loss, death, and just how some of us dealt with it.

Microcosm Publishing – The cool cats who are helping distribute The Worst, they’re a radical publishing/distribution company dedicated to DIY and non-conventional/radical idealism and literature. Almost every Microcosm publication that I have are great stuff. Buy something!

There’s more obviously, but check ’em all out right here and send love their way. Thanks.


About Costa

I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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