Fed an image seen in no mirror

Jesus fucking Christ…

Getting in shape for Zach meant a gruelling daily schedule, which a year later he still maintains. According to his mother Nicci, a part-time graphic designer: “He gets up, has breakfast and goes to school. He comes home and goes straight out to the trampoline where he works out for 45 minutes. Even if it’s raining, even in the depths of winter, he’s out there. After a healthy supper, where he carefully watches what he eats, he will do additional exercises before bed: press-ups, sit-ups and stomach crunches.”

So how fat is Zach? The shocking truth is not at all, not by any stretch of any fattist imagination could he be described as fat. With his shirt off you see Zach’s size for what it really is: spot on for a boy his age, a boy who’s just turned 10 and still fits into his Year 8 or 9-sized clothes. Nicci says that he’s has always been the same: “Zach’s never been fat, he was cuddly as a toddler, but he’s never been a fat child.”


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I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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2 Responses to Fed an image seen in no mirror

  1. alifeinthemovies says:

    Further supports the theory that some people shouldn’t breed…

  2. kristen says:

    “Cheese and Rice!”

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