And now, a brief instrumental respite

Temporarily crippled computer-wise due to stuff I don’t understand not letting me fully utilize my computer. This is a borrowed laptop with none of my feeds and me dependent on the files I have saved on a flash drive and a half-dozen or so CD-R’s with some of the important files and pictures saved. Mostly, it’s all on the drive. I think I might have to start keeping EVERYTHING on hard drives. Music (which is all also on my Creative Zen) and files (mostly writing and some pictures of travels and whatnot). I’ve lost stuff with computer failures before, and it sucks. Like, really sucks. I’m a little better nowadays, but I could definitely be better at backing computer stuff up. Stuff in general, actually.

I realize I’m sort of a little reliant on my various other blog and news feeds for stuff…I have a few set aside at work on my computer there too but it’s only a fraction of the other blogs, music and movie and comic news sites and blogs, as well as a few other blogs I read that are usually music and movie and comic and writing-related…I used to actually read Ken Jennings’ blog but got lazy…sorry, in case you don’t know I do get easily distracted into tangents. Anyway, as I sit here alternating between my master’s thesis (a copy of which I always keep on me for some reason unless I’m out drinking or at a show) and WordPress, I felt like someone might care to hear.

Obviously not, but I like feeling important…it’s a blogger thing, you wouldn’t understand.


About Costa

I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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