Holy artistic interpretations, Batman!

So The Comics Reporter has an interesting story about a weird little dowhatnow that’s come to light regarding DC Comics and the Best American Comics collection. It seems DC actively sought to delay approval of using their Batman: Year 100 book out of the collection by not getting back to the Best American people until it was almost too late, and then simply denying it. DC’s actually stated “no comment” about what went down, why they denied usage of the artwork for the collection.

It’s really strange considering how much DC’s been trying to show that they’re a legacy company in terms of comics and comic culture/art. Why the hell would you not want to be able to showcase a well-liked alternate world Batman story in a collection that’s literally called BEST AMERICAN COMICS? Especially with The Batman cartoon series going, the upcoming Batman-related Brave & The Bold cartoon, the anime Begins/The Dark Knight universe-related DVD Batman: Gotham Knight, and The Dark Knight coming out in a few weeks?

The only rational reason to not allow it? Too busy making these;

BATMAN BEGINS moneyclips shaped like batarangs. AKA “we don’t want coverage/attention on the Batman franchise in any way that we can’t control”, by the lovely company that brought you 52, One Year Later, Countdown, and that’s also bringing you the fuckface that is Final Crisis. I really thought that with the incredible stuff being done in the Green Lantern titles in the past few years as well as Batman that DC might bring itself back to the forefront of comics, away from being known as the “slightly corny” company that focused a lot on bright colors and capes (with Vertigo not being taken into account as their titles are almost always fantastic). Unfortunately, with not enough focus on the new Booster Gold, Blue Beatle, Manhunter, and Batwoman titles and focus shifting heavily on Final Crisis tie-ins and now this insanity with Batman Year 100, I don’t know. I may not want to stick around with DC after Batman RIP and Green Lantern: In Blackest Night.


Thanks to Occasional Superheroine for this one.


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