With new eyes open

So last night was incredible.  Tessa and I went book/comic shopping during the day (knowing your girlfriend wants to get into comics is a totally ass-kicking feeling, I’m not gonna lie) and then headed to Terminal 5 to catch HOT WATER MUSIC, THURSDAY, AND PAINT IT BLACK.

First off, Paint It Black.  Between making fun of Matt P for running late via text messages and Dan Yemin’s ferociousness, it was a blast.  This was my 3rd time seeing PIB and it was just as great at the other times.  Some smart commentary, but not too much, fantastic sound (something I applaud T5 for), and all the good songs.  One of the best bands in hardcore right now, no doubt about that shit.  If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Paint It Black before and enjoy classic hardcore punk, no metal bullshit or anything like that, get on that as soon as possible.

Thursday…well, this is when I started drinking and we went looking to see if Allan Norico was around.  Sadly didn’t get to see him, but then hung out by the merch stand instead.  Got shirts and pins, drank my beer, waited for Thursday to finish before heading inside.

Hot Water Music.  2nd time seeing them.  Holy goddamn shit.  I screamed so loud I lost my voice for a bit.  there really aren’t words to describe how great this band is and what an experience it is seeing them live, knowing you and every other guy in the place is screaming right along with Chuck and Chris to every word.  They played every song I love (for shit’s sake they played “Turnstiles”) and sounded spot-fucking on the whole way through.  Cliche but cool encore with a few songs…I’m still reeling from the whole thing to be honest, I can barely remember the setlist.  “Trusty Chords”, one of my all-time favorite songs, was played…that’s about it.  It was just surreal.  So fucking awesome.  Stumbling back to Queens, tired and hungry and so sore all over, I couldn’t help but keep thinking that if this was my last show ever I’d be totally content.  Also, I made Tessa a fan, as well as confirming her Paint It Black fan status.

Earlier on Friday we saw Hellboy II: The Golden Army.  Really good.  I’m a fan of the first one despite also loving the comic (I know, a paradox) so this film was great.  I just think it was better on a bunch of levels and despite being cheesy and a little heavy-handed on the emo, was just all-around great.  I’d definitely see it again and get it on DVD when it comes out.  Definitely one of the best movies of this summer, up there with Iron Man and Wall-E.

Tomorrow I leave for Greece for 10 days, and I’m excited to be honest.  It’ll be fun to get a chance to hit the beach and see old friends and my relatives.  So, see ya when I get back, assholes.


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