Who the hell is Zorba?

So…I’m back in the US.  After 10 days in Greece, it’s good to be home, though it was fun seeing old friends and weirdly enough, not getting recognized by a lot of people.  I guess 3 years and a beard does make a difference.  Anyway, so my brother and I left New York the night of the 14th and did a NY-London-Athens flight, with almost no one on the flight to London and after a 3-hour layover in London (we were an hour and a half late leaving NYC but made it up in the air) landed in Athens around 6 pm local time.  British Airways actually rocks, they were totally nice with good food and great movie/music selections, which was great because by the time we were coming back my mp3 player had died out so I listened to a lot of Spice Girls and British radio comedy shows.

After food and spending the night in my uncle’s apartment we got on a propeller-driven plane (yes, a propeller) to go to Ikaria from Athens, an island 40 minutes away by plane, and anywhere from 11 to 20 hours away by boat.  Between then and the 23rd, I swam, ate a lot, hung out on the beach in the blazing sun, tanned a wee bit, read a lot (new for this trip? I read Our Band Could Be Your Life, which I’d borrowed from Tessa), napped, and went to my good friends’ wedding.

Leo and Eleni got married in the village of Katafigi, where her family is from.  Normally the tradition goes that most of the wedding party meets at the groom’s to drink and shoot the shit and then walk through the village, meet up with the bridal party at the church, and get on with it.  The trouble was, Leo’s people are from another village, Perdiki, so it was a caravan of cars and motorbikes doing the short but winding road to Katafigi and to the church.

Did I mention the ceremony started at around 830-9 pm and most of the groomsmen and other guests (including me) were hanging out at Leo’s from 330 pm, drinking wine?  No?  Oh, well we were.

It was a beautiful old-school ceremony and despite another “hipper” bigger wedding going on somewhere else on the island (in total this summer I think there were half a dozen weddings in Ikaria) there were plenty of people, more wine, good food, and dancing.  It’s a little weird to see a friend get married but I’ve wished them nothing but the best in the snowy tundra that is Michigan, and they looked ecstatic that night.  I heard that after I left Leo was so drunk he threw up, cleaned up, and kept dancing.

It was a great little break from everything, even though I missed my girlfriend and my records and my easy-chair and Yeungling and vegetarian Mexican food.  But in the end it was worth it.

Anyway, here are a few pics, the rest can be found here;


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