The Good Left Undone

So Rise Against, one of my favorite modern melodic hardcore bands, have released the artwork for their new album, Appeal To Reason;

I’m sorry, and I used to practically live for this band because I sitll think they’re great, but that just sucks.  If anything, it reminds me of the artwork for their major-label debut Siren Song Of The Counter Culture;

Which, in my opinion, was not only their weakest release, but had some kind of lame artwork.  Not to say that it was entirely the fault of being on a major label, because the artwork for the next one, The Sufferer & The Witness, was actually kind of better.  Not fantastic, but not that bad in comparison;

Just my opinion, it seems tha the cover for the new one seems really lazy.  The artwork for Revolutions Per Minute, their second album and my favorite, is great.  Simple and strong;

How bitchin’ is that?

I’m mostly just being an old man here because I’m a firm believer that old punk and hardcore bands had the greatest artwork on their albums.  Compared to some of the records that come out today, the artwork is incredible.  Black Flag, old Dischord bands, and even more modern groups with labels like say Jade Tree, it just seems to me like bands sort of give up on artwork, knowing that downloads have effectively made the importance of great, eye-catching artwork secondary.  Which is a real fucking shame.


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One Response to The Good Left Undone

  1. Moose says:

    You know that they added more to the album title. It seems like every once and a while more is added to it.

    They’re also got a preview of a song up

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