You call it research, I cheerfully have named it SPITTING AT GOD!

Stand back everyone, today is all about SCIENCE!

Ok, mostly science fiction, but whatever.  First off, how cool is this?

Secondly, there’s finally a trailer for Monsters Vs. Aliens!  It’s kind of awesome and I’m actually sorta stoked for it.  Never thought I’d be excited for a Reese Witherspoon movie, but she’s 50 stories tall in this one and she helps a cockroach voiced by Hugh Laurie (among other weirdnesses) fight a giant robot from outer space.

And finally, REAL SCIENCE!  A creature that is essentially a direct relation to a creature called the “dinsaur eel” is being studied so that it’s unique scale body can be mimicked for the creation of superior personal body armor, to replace conventional ceramic and Kevlar plate armor currently in use.

It was known that the fish’s individual armored scales were comprised of multiple material layers–each of them about 100 millionths of a meter thick. But in a U.S. Army-funded study carried out through the MIT Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies and published in the July 27 online issue of Nature Materials, a team of MIT engineers unraveled exactly how the layers complement one another to protect the soft tissues inside the fish body–particularly from a penetrating biting attack. P. senegalus is known to be territorial and attack members of its own species that are of similar or smaller size.

Specifically, the team used nanotechnological methods to measure the material properties through the thickness of one individual fish scale–about 500 millionths of a meter thick–and its four different layer materials. The different materials, the geometry and thickness of each layer, the sequence of the layers and the junctions between layers all contribute to an efficient design that helps the fish survive a penetrating attack such as a bite.

Pretty cool, huh?  Well, I think it is, so fuck you.


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