Bad zine, everyone’s fault

I sort of just swept up a pile of stuff on the desk, decided they’re all zines regardless of what they might actually be, and voila!  SNAP DECISIONS, INAPPROPRIATE JOKES AND ASSUMPTIONS FOR EVERYONE!

Allan Norico’s comic Things I’ve Seen At Shows.  I got it at MoCCA from him, it’s funny.  He’s pretty talented and the types of people he’s mentioning here are sorta hilariously-dead on.  My copy’s signed, so HAHA!  Also, I’ve decided I’m Huge Coat.  Don’t get it?  Actually get it and read it to find out.

So yeah, I edited this one.  Ology, out of the Hunter College MA in English program.  Whatever, I think it came out great.  A scholarly literary journal with focus on critical works, poetry, and a little photography.  Also, a bit of my photography’s in it.  Working on this was nuts.  Definitely worth it though.

Hunter Anonymous is something I sort of randomly just picked up at Hunter one day recently and I have to say it’s not too bad.  I like the concept of being truly unknown, and unlike “anonymous” writing on the internet that can always be traced in some form, an unsigned writing slipped in an envelope under the door is pretty much dead-on nameless.  Some really good prose, too.  Granted one poem I read was about Tupac (I shit you not) but hey, nobody’s perfect.

I know, I know.  I’m in this one.  Well, whatever, suck it.  Issue 1 of The Worst is quite well-rounded with a mix of fiction and true stories, of loss and grieving and death and a little humor but mostly, lots of people telling you that you aren’t alone in dealing with loss of loved ones.  You shoul definitely get your grimy freak hands on it.  Don’t be a poser.

This is an old Cassie J Sneider zine I got the first time I heard her read at The Worst reading at Bluestockings.  It’s called Tearing The Heart Out Of This Town.  I found it in the pile on my desk.  The cover is pink, and it’s poetry.  Structurally speaking, it’s held together with one staple and has held up really well.  I’ve had whole REAL books that have fallen apart held together with more.  It’s actually poetry and not her normally hilarious stories, but still good.

This is The Olivetree Review, Hunter’s undergraduate literary/art journal.  I always fucking hated it because they never liked my stuff enough to publish it and always had the crappiest stuff.  Plus it came out so irregularly I’m pretty sure people forgot it even existed on a daily basis.  The cover of the current issue looks like the cover of some Victorian-era manga porn.  The art all has lame titles and to be honest, I sorta browsed it at best.  Every other issued I’ve ever read has sorta sucked, so I guess in the end I’m glad I never ended up in any issues of this.  Still, was the first experience I had with submitting for publication.

I was reading Doonesbury earlier.  I forgot how funny and awesome that comic strip is.  I have The Doonesbury Chronicles, which is a ton of the daily strips from 1970 to 1974.  I’m sure I’ll have more to say on Doonesbury later on, but for now I’ll just settle for letting you all know that yes, when I was like 10 or 11  I started reading a daily political comic strip in the newspaper, and actually laughed at it.  I understood like about half of it, which isn’t that bad.  NERDS UNITE!


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