Random Record Review – Jumpercable, “EP”



Monkey Wrench Records

Pay no attention to the stupid hippy wash of colors and some sort of talking severed animal head on the cover.  This record’s totally fucking awesome.  I mean it’s over in a flash, but man, that flash is phenomenal.  The wave of throwback thrash/hardcore like Lighten Up, How We Are, Braindamage, Weekend Nachos, and now Jumpercable are probably my favorite thing going on in music these days since the demise of Hot Water Music (their current reunion nonwithstanding).  Fast, furious, funny, and without an ounce of fucking fat on it.  I mean, seriously guys, this shit is amazing.


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2 Responses to Random Record Review – Jumpercable, “EP”

  1. spence says:

    Thank you so much for a great review, it rules that you enjoy it! This is rad, thank you

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