Gimme some sugar, baby…

Coming out October 1st from Marvel;

Look familiar?

I’ve never been a huge “Marvel Zombies” fan, but I fucking LOVE Army of Darkness.  And I’m a huge fan of Aaron Stack, aka Machine Man, aka X-51.  Mostly from Warren Ellis’s “Nextwave: Agents of HATE”, which is hilarious.  So this might just actually be funny and worth picking up, or at least stealing and reading.  Even if Greg Land is doing the cover art and then maybe the interior, because he’s just fucking horrible.  But whatever, because MACHINE MAN and ARMY OF DARKNESS HOMAGE.

For those who don’t know, the metal woman at Machine Man’s feet is Jocasta, from various “Avengers” storylines from the 80’s.  ANDROID LOVINIG 2008!  *cue porno music*…and if you read Nextwave or Machine Man in say, the recent “Ms. Marvel” title, you’d know he’s totally into that sort of sick and perverted awesomeness…I mean blasphemy…yeah, blasphemy.

Also, forward all robot porn to my email, thanks guys.


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