random comic – “Nextwave: Agents of HATE”

I’m not a slathering Warren Ellis fanboy by any means, but Jesus God in Heaven, Nextwave: Agents of HATE was fucking funny.  I have the whole thing in two hardcover volumes and damn if that shit don’t make me laugh every time.

I was reminded of this from my last post about Machine Man/Aaron Stack being in the upcoming “Marvel Zombies 3” title.  He came back into the spotlight as the perverted groping beer-drinking robo-freak in “Nextwave” after languishing in limbo after a moderately unsucessful revamp in modern continuity in the 90’s.  Something with Sentinels I think.

Anyway, this title was fucking golden.

A combination of D-list Marvel heroes recruited by a Nick Fury/SHIELD parody to dig up old and bizarre weapons that range from Fing Fang Foom to a demonic warlord who ends up being sodomized by the “heroes” with a toilet brush, only to go rogue when they discover that said parody agency is discovered to be a front, or maybe funded, by some weird terrorist agency called SILENT.  I don’t know, it’s like they just get interns at Marvel to think names up.  Which while it gave us the hilarity of “Nextwave” (which had “Agents of HATE” attached to avoid conflict with some cell phone company), it has also given us names like Arnim Zola and Apocalypse (seriously, like that’s his name.  Always hated that).

The whole thing is just incredibly offensive at anyone and everyone, from the mentally ill to comic book fans to feminists to PETA to manga to well…shit, literally almost everyone.  There’s a bunch of jabs at other titles, usually visually, but occasionally in the writing, and the Fury parody Dirk Anger makes you wish a violent suicidal crossdressing psychopath who gets ground-up baby chicks mainlined into his veins really DID secretly police the country.  If you follow “The Ultimates” you’re probably familiar with the “Does this A on my forehead look like it stands for France?!” line (or was that in “Marvel Zombies”?), but it’s a full-page jab at that in here that’s pretty fucking hilarious.

Some criticism had fallen on the comic for portraying characters in weird behavior, especially Monica Rambeau.  She used to lead the Avengers, you know. So naturally the issue of continuity, which we all know comic fanboys LOVE to blow their loads over, has come up multiple times.  And honestly, it depends on how much you care, as well as what source you read.  You know, if you’re one of those types who buys the character handbooks that are like 300 pages of character histories that you already know.  God knows you gotta keep your notes on continuity so you can go complain on Scans_Daily or Newsarama or whatever.

Worth my money?  Fo’sho.  Worth yours?  If you can find it and actually have a sense of humor, YES.  Throwing dollars away will never be so rewarding, trust me.  Not even the Wakandan cure for cancer is as awesome.


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