Sometimes things just disappear…

Tessa helped (and by helped I mean did most of the work) me scan a bunch of pictures from my pitiful attempts at being a photographer when I lived in Greece.  Iwas 15 or 16 when I took a photography class in high school and having started to seriously throw myself into punk rock and hardcore and skating and biking and all the things rabid weird teenage boys who hate jocks and organized sports do, decided to be a photographer. That lasted all of a year.  I don’t remember how to develop any more, which is probably a mixed blessing because me and chemicals would probably not be be the greatest idea.  We worked exclusively in black and white because it was cheaper, as well as looking artier and giving high schoolers a sense of being “arty”.  I liked it, we learned, shot, tried to make a pinhole camera that sucked assballs, had some fun times.  I tried photographing my skating friends in my off time, with mixed results (maybe I’ll dig those up too one day).

I managed to get my hands on them this past summer when I was back, and rooted through too many old comic books and binders of papers I wrote in the 7th grade, to find these.  The negatives are by now long-gone to some sort of trash heap, and i know I had more prints in general stored somewhere from a big graffiti shoot/documentation I did as a final exam, but these were all that’s left.  Check my Flickr to see them all.


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