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One of the first interviews I did was with Chrissy Piper, a photographer known for her extensive work in underground music.  Talking to a mutual acquaintance about it, he mentioned how Chrissy had told them it was strange thinking about being the focus of something as opposed to just the unseen force behind it.  People like photographs because of subject matter first and foremost, which is a shame because there’s a real art to it in terms of light and color and angles, which will fucking make or break any good photo no matter how great a view or how beautiful a person is being photographed.  These guys are definitely artists, so check their work out, get in touch if you need stuff photographed, and support independent photography.

Ryan Russell is from Birmingham (Alabama, not the UK).  He’s worked with a ton of bands from Paramore to Look! Mexico.  His images of bands in not only stage forms but also in quiet moments are really awesome, and I love the fact that he works equally in black and white as well as color.

Pat Jarrett works in a variety of fields and has shot both bands like This Moment In Black History and Blonde Redhead, as well as for a variety of news sources like NPR.  He lives in Staunton, Virginia and has a beard.  He’s a great guy with an incredible range of subjects in his metaphorical gunbelt.


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