“Hydrogels pave the way for synth-organic “bone” exoskeletons”; via Science Daily and io9.com.  Pretty awesome stuff.

There’s always the major usage of technology like this in literally regrowing broken bones, though apparently a major point to it is for military applications.  “Bone” exoskeletons stronger than conventional metal/Kevlar/ceramic armor suits for soldiers and the like.  They’re totally aiming for this;

Which may not initially seem “organic” but consider that current Iron Man armor (the Extremis) are exoskeletons with almost no “metal” in them and are actually composed mainly of a flexible/pliable crystalline material that collimates (hardens on impact) for maximum strength and is derived from Stark’s original classic Iron Man armors utilizing polymer-growing bacteria colonies to fabricate ultra-light materials organically for…OK, I”ll stop now, sorry.  The gist of what I was saying?  The Iron Man armors are actually mostly “grown”.

Anyway, another option?

I know, sorta badass, right?  except you don’t have a healing factor, asshole.  But the body mod factor for something like this WOULD be interesting.  Imagine being able to grow bone razors and claws, or crests, on your body?  All of a sudden silicon implants or under-skin implanted screws for metal horns aren’t enough.  And you know someone would totally try to pull a Wolverine on themselves and end up screaming like a little girl with blood spurting from their knuckles.


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