American Dream

I saw this guy win a gold medal this morning while having coffee and checking the weather.  “Freestyle” wrestling, Greco-Roman style, or whatever.  Anyway…wrapped up in an American flag and crying when he realized it, with a shit-ton of people cheering for him and family members in attendance.

According to the announcer, Henry’s the son of an illegal immigrant to the US from Mexico, born in LA, and one of six siblings.  Now he’s an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling, who’s barely fucking older than my little brother.

It struck me.  The ultimate imagery of America, the triumphant athelete literally pulling a Bruce Jenner (the whoel wrapped in a flag thing after winning), the first American to win a medal in this weight class/sport since 1904 or something.  it’s incredible to see and I thought it’s probably the biggest FUCK YOU to immigration opponents in the US ever and the biggest FUCK YEAH to people who have lost faith in the concept of the American dream ever.


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I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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