Holy graduated sidekick, Batman!

Robin 177, coming in October.

No doubt a tie-in to Batman: RIP, which I really don’t wanna talk about because I have a strange love-hate relationship to it.  Anyway…so that’s the Red Robin costume, worn first by Dick Grayson in the out-of-continuity Kingdom Come, then by Jason Todd (returned from the dead) in Countdown as Red Robin (he got it from an alternate-dimension Batman) and then dumped in the trash by Jason at the end of Countdown or 52 or whatever it was, honestly I don’t remember.  I only paid attention because Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Todd (as Red Hood) were in it.

Is this the sign of Tim Drake’s graduation?  Is it Jason back in the cape ‘n cowl business?  Is it Stephanie Brown?  OK, sorry about that last one, I know how much fangirls love to make her a touchy subject (don’t get me wrong, I love Spoiler too, I just love inappropriate jokes more).

In other news, I forgot how good Kid Dynamite‘s S/T album and Jawbox‘s Novelty were.


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